Founder / CEO

Pave the Way Founder and CEO, Idenna H. Russell, has served as Head of a Quaker school, developed before and after school programs and has international and higher education teaching under her belt. Idenna has also supported students through special education services, offered students opportunities for peer to peer programs and believes in self-advocacy. In addition to being a diverse educator, challenging students from kindergarten through secondary education, her work has been proven to assist students in achieving their fullest potential. Idenna holds a Bachelor of Educational Studies, Master of Special Education, and a Master of Science Administration in Organization Development. 
Idenna has surrounded herself with an exceptional team of advisors with proven success with startups to mature business operations in order to successfully execute Pave the Way’s strategic plan. Along with this team, she has put together valuable resources to assess the financial outlook for the business. This plan identifies how much will be needed for financing, how it will be used and how that will make the business more profitable

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