Pave the Way: Center for Exceptional Learners has adopted “The Creative Curriculum” for Toddlers and Preschoolers. With great consideration for the children’s interests, the content within the curriculum is based on the children’s interests. The curriculum is play-based and interactive. Daily activities, language, art, dramatic play, music, science, speech/occupational therapy, and math are all part of the Pave the Way experience.

The intentions of the Pave the Way program is to:

  • Serving children who are not meeting their developmental milestones with the expectation of success

  • Learning is a positive experience where children can explore and enjoy the process of developing

  • Providing a daily balance of experiences that is active and has room for quiet time and reflection

  • Creating opportunities for social developmental learning, and how to care for and make friends.

  • Allowing children to develop problem-solving skills and encouraging individual thinking.


Pave the Way: Center for Exceptional Learners Community

Will celebrate the individuality and traditions of cultural diversity with activities that enhance the lives of everyone. Practical life activities will help students with special needs gain confidence in daily life skills, sensorial activities, and socialization with an emphasizing a healthy self-awareness, the responsibility of one’s behavior, and community care.

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